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Robin’s Three Week Journey on SV Arctic Loon

So, I've been told as a guest and crew mate on Arctic Loon, it's my turn to write the latest adventures of the crew! First, it is really true that finding working internet in the South Pacific Ocean is very difficult. We realize given technology advances that are coming, we are "fortunate" to experience being off the grid, for someday we will never be out of range. Therefore please be nice to the Captains for their lack of timely communication. Upon arriving on Rangiroa Atoll and finding Diana and Anne at the wharf, I was quickly informed the dingy electric engine was broken, so we have rowed to shore and back in all weather conditions the last three weeks. For me, that has been a pleasure given the additional adventures we have gained, although it was said many times, "if only we had an engine" as they plotted many scenarios to make trade with other unsuspecting sailors! Rangiroa was a fun beginning, met lots of interesting cruisers, a young couple, Roger …

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