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Arctic Loon’s Brief Stopover in the Cook Islands

Our only stop in the Cook Islands at Palmarston Atoll (Google the history of this Utopia) was an extra special highlight. We arrived at the tiny mooring field created for the cruising sailboats, and were greeted by David, son of our host family. He showed us to our mooring ball and watched Anne and Heather catch and secure Arctic Loon in a torrential squall which ended the minute they had finished. Heather was hanging on to the jib furler for her life as her dress was flying up in the wind, and Anne's tank top was dripping wet and almost falling off… what the heck, gave David something to talk about. Having arrived late in the day we settled in for our first full night sleep in 4 days, especially after Emir on Hugo came over to free dive and place our own anchor as a backup to the questionable mooring we were tied to. We did get some sleep, but it was another windy noisy rolling night on Arctic Loon. Truthfully, Diana and Anne stayed up most of the night to make sure the boat did …

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