And we're off again!

The time has come! Tomorrow morning we bid farewell to Mexico and launch for the crossing.  We're nervous of course (for seasickness, rough winds, a lack of winds, lack of sleep, chaos, boredom, and everything in between), but we're more excited. We all feel that our time in "Paradise" has come to it's timely end, and we're itching to be on the ocean. 

This last week has been full of last minute fix ups, a shakedown boat trip, provisioning meetings, safety meetings, and hours spent in Starbucks downloading audio books. The hardest part has been not knowing when we'll depart. The weather is so unpredictable, and we have different information coming from different sources. We'd booked with the customs officials a few days ago to leave on Friday, only to hear a weather report yesterday predicting terrible lack of winds for the next week and a half. We panicked and canceled our booking, only to find other predictions that weren't quite so terrible. We've been waiting for the perfect window, but at this point, we're just throwing down the towel and going (with much thanks to the kind customs officials who gave us our booking back).

We expect to be in open waters anywhere between 3 and 4 weeks (hopefully closer to the former). We'll be trading off time at the helm in 3 hour shifts, 24 hours a day. We're so excited for the peaceful starry night sky, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, swimming off the stern in the heat of the day, and all the simplicity that comes with days off of land. We're even more excited to reach the Marquesas. Oh the celebration's we'll have a month from now. 

I'll be posting the short blog entries every once in a while via our Iridium Go (satellite device), but likely no pictures for a while. We'll look forward to hearing from all of you when we get there!

You can contact us via satellite as well with the information below:

Email: We all have individual emails you can use to write us, but we don't want to post them here because if we end up getting spam mail, the device will become hard to use. Contact us tonight using regular methods if you'd like our emails!

Text: +8816 214 63048
Call: +8816 214 63048 (Important: This could be expensive for you to call - so only call for emergencies)

Reading spinnaker furler instructions while on the shakedown

Our checklists and reminders that are getting shorter and shorter every day....

Saying goodbye to our friends on Sooner who are heading to Hawaii.

Our Costco bill came out to 8000 pesos, (about $400) which is both absurdly high for Mexico, and absurdly low for what we're doing.

The spinnaker!


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