The home stretch!

Well this will be a short post because, finally, thank goodness, we are bored. There's not all that much to report, and we are oh so happy about that! The last few days have mostly been spent lounging around, basking in the sun, listening to audio books, finally whipping out the guitar, reading books on the Marquesas, and dreaming of the wifi that's just around the corner.

A few noteworthy things:

A couple days of doldrums: Well thankfully we weren't quite hit with the worst of the doldrums ( can poop and continue to see your droppings floating in the water next to you hours later). But we did spend a couple days with winds that were not only brutally light, but exactly at our tail. We gybed back and forth barely making any headway at all. It was a little frustrating watching our arrival date getting pushed further back, but that's just part of the adventure (and a swimming opportunity!)

Something nasty this way comes: While taking it easy at the helm, I spotted a big discolored section of the ocean in the distance. I couldn't figure out what it was and pointed it out to everyone, hoping it wasn't a fishing net or something. As it got closer and closer (probably within 50 feet of us) we all started to realize that as much as we didn't want to say it aloud, it looked like blood. Then it started to smell... our theory was perhaps a dead whale? How it died, we have no clue. We discussed the possibility of aliens. It wouldn't be our first alien siting. I saw a UFO in the first week - a giant sparkling white firework in the sky, that Connie says was probably a meteor, but I remain unconvinced.

The arrival of the winds!: Miraculously, as if answering our prayers, right after the dead beat days of doldrums, the trade winds picked up and have been going steady at 10 -15 knots in exactly the direction we need for the last couple days. And we've hit the cross equatorial current, which is giving us a little boost. It's been glorious -we did 2 days in a row making 134 miles (just short of our record of 138). Not only that, but our weather and wind report for the next week is good, and we're estimating if all goes well (don't jinx us).... we should be on land by Saturday.

Our buddy boat arrives! : Agatha, who we departed with, is expected to arrive in Hiva Oa today. A huge congratulations to them! They deserve it. They flew across the ocean, and dealt with some gruesome squalls like champs. We've been following their story the whole time, and we're so glad to have had their friendship along the way.


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